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Dog Talk With Dr. Jen

Nov 29, 2018

Today's episode is all about dog parks!  Is your pup a good "dog park dog," or would you be better off finding other options for exercise?  How can you tell?  What does appropriate play look like, and how can you make sure your dog isn't being bullied?

Plus, a bonus listener question about cat training!  (But still...

Oct 22, 2018

The conclusion of Dr. Jen's two-part series on barking - this time, the discussion is focused on leash reactivity outside the home.  Why do some dogs go crazy at the sight of another dog or a strange person, and what can you do to help them learn better behavior in public?

Sep 24, 2018

Join Dr. Jen for the first of a two-part series about excessive barking!  Does your dog spend his afternoons looking out the window for things to bark at, or go crazy when he hears a noise outside?  Today's episode breaks down the issue of "alert barking" in the house - why dogs do this, and what we can do to calm the...

Aug 27, 2018

Are you confused about the best time to spay or neuter your dog, or have questions about whether this procedure is really necessary in the first place?  If so, you're not alone!

Spay/neuter recommendations used to be very simple - have it done, as early as possible.  But in recent years, new research on how sex hormones...

Jul 9, 2018

Does your dog come when you call him, every time, no matter where he is or what he's doing?  This is one of the most important skills you'll ever teach your dog, so it pays to do it right!

In this episode, learn how to build a reliable recall from the ground up - whether you have a new puppy, or an adult dog with...